Regal Custom Jewelry Design

Welcome to Regal Studio Custom Design , where if you can dream it we can make it.  Our Master Jeweler and staff are here to serve you in the highest regards for all of your custom needs. We began by collaborating with our clients making exquisite custom pieces suited for them.

Specializing in wedding jewelry is not our only  focus. We also design custom engagement rings, wedding rings and bands. We work to create that one of a kind ring or special piece, that blend symbolism and fine craftsmanship, and are made with the highest quality environmentally – friendly materials including conflict free diamonds.  We work with only natural diamonds and gemstones.

Our Master Jeweler and Owner has created a custom jewelry process that is unique and personalized.  He speaks to each client before anything is made to order, or sold. He listens to and truly partners with them to create exactly what they want, how they want it, and at a price they want to spend. If  you should discover any other design that you like or prefer, we can it exactly  just for you.

During your consultation, he will discuss diamonds, settings and the scope of what you are looking to do. Also a budget or cost estimate is provided right then. Once a project begins, the design phase starts with a sketch or custom CAD image which is created. Nothing ever goes into production without your approval ever. When approved we go into production mode. Your jewelry is created, stones are set, finished and delivered.


Necklaces and Pendants
Adjustable Shank Rings


Eternity Bands
Ring Bezel Settings
Emerald Cut Rings


Men’s Jewelry
Cuff Links
Cuff Bracelets
Tie Pins

We work hard, so that every piece we make for our customers is handmade , and incredibly unique. We will work with you to find that perfect pre-cast setting for your existing stones. All designs can be recreated and  modified for your stones, or we can create something entirely new!

Use the form below to send us information about your jewelry idea. We’ll look it over and contact you regarding estimated price and other details. You can even upload an image of a piece you’d like for us to recreate for you!

Looking for inspiration for your next jewelry creation?
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